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   A bizarre and painful childhood in one of Asia's richest countries 

This is a memoir of my life and I have pasted the introduction here. I plan to publish the first part for free. If you like a link, please subscribe! And I'll email you the link on March 1st 2023:)















I was raised by a mother who was a borderline psychopath and a father who is a narcissist. But my story is not about a full-time housewife who moonlighted as an axe-wielding fiend. You see, psychopathy is a spectrum and the idea that every psychopath is a serial killer is only a myth. My mother was hardly physically violent although that didn’t stop her from getting me almost killed on a number of occasions.


Neither is it a story of a violent father who dished out physical and sexual abuse as the fancy struck him. My father hardly raised his hand at us yet he was responsible for the physical violence that ensued in the family.


Are you confused? Good, you should be. What I am about to tell you is a sick, bizarre tale of mind fuckery that’ll have you searching for your jaw that dropped on the floor.

My story is not about abuse that wrecks the body. It is about abuse that is the slow terrifying destruction of one's sanity which robs you off your soul and finally drives you to suicide. Yet there will be never be justice because there is no law enacted to protect victims of psychological & emotional abuse.


The abuse happened right under the noses of friends, relatives and teachers yet they were as helpless and powerless as I was because they couldn’t even fathom the things my parents did much less stop them.

But don’t expect a sad sob story. I didn’t get this far in my life playing the pity game my father always did. I was a victim. Yes. But not anymore. I’ll be telling the story with a good deal of dark humor and sarcasm. So, be warned:)

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