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I am represented by Tricia Lawrence from Erin Murphy Literary Agency. I am currently on submission with editors with my middle grade novel Azel & The Jinni Familiar. I just completed my YA dark fantasy A Hunting We Will Go and currently working on a YA Historical Fantasy set in 1899 Singapore.


Some of my writing credits includes my article on depression being published in Readers Digest Asia and being the 
editor-in-chief for LookBook, a fashion magazine, that raised funds for an AIDs charity in India.


I was a WriteMentor mentor in 2021 and 2022 and was very excited when my 2021 mentee, Soph Montgomery, became agented after the fabulous mentorship where I co-mentored with the fantastic Hannah Kates.  

In 2021 I completed a scriptwriting course in Singapore Media Academy and delved into filmmaking. My film Zera In The End which I wrote, directed and acted in was selected to be included in the First-Time Filmmaker sessions@pinestudios - Official Selection.  I have made two other films and I worked on a documentary called Siapa Jaga Ma ( Who will look after mother?) for the Suria channel in Singapore as a co-researcher. I'm currently making my first indie feature! It's also a first for Singapore because it's an indie feature starring leads who have disabilities. 

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