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A Hunting We Will Go — COMPLETED

Image by Dollar Gill
Image by MuiZur
Image by Ian
A HUNTING WE WILL GO is a YA dark fantasy that combines the horror
and fantasy elements of DR JEKYLY & MR HYDE with the complicated family dynamics

NUR LAIL is not your typical 16-year-old. She goes on “hunts’ where she prowls Singapore's streets at night orchestrating "accidents" because she enjoys hurting people. She targets people whom she considers strong. No animals. No kids. And no, she doesn’t kill. Her best friend is a sentient tree that grants wishes and she seeks emotional support from a fifteen-inch hunting knife.

This might seem shocking, but her mum is a borderline psychopath who
psychologically and emotionally abuses her and her twin brother, RAKIM.
Nur’s father has mentally checked out of the chaos ages ago and ignores the abuse.
The hunts help keep Nur’s sanity until she realizes that Rakim,
whom she loves very much, has turned suicidal over a dark secret. To uncover this secret, she
asks for a wish from her sentient tree friend.

Nur awakens to find a monstrous girl’s face growing out of the back of her head. She
names the girl Lail and realizes that she can transform into Lail at will. With her newfound
gift, Nur goes on an increasingly violent journey to uncover the secret and save Rakim.
But her gift becomes a curse when it puts her in the crosshairs of the police who
mounts a nation-wide hunt for her. As time runs out and Rakim's life hangs in the balance,
Nur stakes her own life in one last desperate bid to save her brother’s.
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