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Zera In The End

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Mia was always tough as nails. When her father died, she kept her mum, Zera, going. When her marriage ended in a divorce, she picked up the pieces and moved on. Then her mum, her only living relative, died and she became depressed, but she still hung on. That's when the Covid pandemic strikes,. Mia's strength deserts her and she makes a fateful decision. But something strange occurs. Will it be enough for Mia to change her mind?

Core cast & crew

Much like the main character in the film, Zera in the End, faced many issues because it was shot during a period in Singapore where there were various restrictions due to the pandemic. The shoots had to be postponed and the number of cast and crew was severely limited. So, this film was shot not only on a shoestring budget but with a skeletal crew. We are proud that we made it through!



Dayyah is a Broadcast Media Production graduate from Management Development Institute of Singapore and has a keen interest in video production. She hopes to direct a film one day. 

Zhou Yang



Zhou Yang is a media graduate who found his passion for film during the last schooling year of his college studies. He loves to explore various themes and has a keen interest in the drama and thriller genres. 

Reena Deen


Reena is an author represented by Erin Murphy literary agency in the United States. Her foray into scripts and films began in 2021 with a scriptwriting course at the Singapore Media Academy. Zera in the end is her debut as a director.

Zera In The End Poster.png


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