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The Damned Ones Film BTS

Why do so many go missing near this forest?

Dubbed as Singapore's Bermuda Triangle, this area has been a subject of great discussion. There is no official number of missing people  connected to Dempsey because, unsurprisingly, the authorities discredit the claims and blame the location (dangerous cliffs and a rough sea) If you believe some sources, the missing cases go back to the 1800's and can number to a thousand at least! I have a great interest in the supernatural and crimes so I compiled a list of people who went missing recently who were last sighted near Dempsey forest.

Nur Aliza Rahaman 

Reported missing in 2005 after going for a jog in Holland Cross park which is located beside Dempsey forest. Family did say Aliza was having some issues with work and was worried she may have hurt herself. No body was recovered. 

Dempsey forest pic 1.jpg

Ravi Kumar S/O of Kandasamy

Missing since 2011. He disappeared from his school when police arrived to question him and several others from his class who were involved in a bullying case which resulted in a attempted suicide of a school boy. CCTV footage showed him to be at the highway opposite Dempsey forest.

Dempsey forest pic 3.jpg

Mary Liu

Missing since 2018. Picture unavailable. Suffering from depression since her daughter's untimely death (suicide), she had a tendency to wander off often spending time in the parks alone. Her family only became alarmed when she did not return after two days. CCTV footage showed her entering Dempsey forest vicinity.

Dempsey forest pic 1.jpg

Madam Cheng 

Missing since 2008. Madam Cheng vanished from her 2 bedroom flat after a fight with her husband whom she shoved against the wall. Mr Cheng survived the attack though he suffered a stroke as a result. Madam Cheng was last seen entering the Dempsey forest. 

Dempsey forest pic 2.jpg

David Karl Pereira 

Reported missing since 2015. He vanished after embezzling funds from KURTZ ALLIANCE. Police suspect he managed to escape the country using a fake passport. Eyewitnesses on the other hand insist they saw a man fitting his description enter Dempsey forest with a backpack and a tent. It's not unusual for criminals to use Dempsey forest as a temporary hideout before trying to leave the country using the Singa channel. However, Police scoured the area but did not locate him. 

Dempsey forest pic 4.jpg

Navin Raj 

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Dempsey forest pic 1.jpg
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